Project by Donna Huanca and Roy Minten, Puno February 2011


For Puno Moca, we created two window panels, each measuring approx. 3 x 1.5 meters, and inserted these panels to complete the structure, while providing a message to passer-byers, "YO ERA TU Y NUNCA LO SUPE", interweaving private and public space. The text is based on a ancient poem by the Sufi mystic RUMI, translated to English: "I WAS YOU AND NEVER KNEW IT".This poem reflects the overall concept of the project that bought us to Peru, which calls upon the concept of genetic memory that is re-occurring in Huanca's previous works.

The materials for this piece consist of  approximately 40 collaged silk scarfs that were bought locally in Puno from a Cholita at the used clothing market, la Kachina. The materials, whose origins vary from China, India, Italy, France, etc. play an important role as we are interested in the transition and de-valuation of these precious textiles whose original purpose were to transmit (communicate) social status.

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The space was activated by a performance ritual, filling the space with colored smoke that mirrored the exterior - using local materials and Arturo Toledo's silver 'Torito de Pucara', a typical Puno craft that usually sits on top of houses to bring good fortune.

Subsequently, we transfered the intervention for Puno Moca, to the nearby Uros Islands.
We were interested in these two realities that co-exist so close to each other. Puno Moca, whose intent is to create (construction) stability - against a coexisting reality of  the more ephemeral material choices of the UROS culture which uses organic materials of constant replenishment to create their stable structures.

Donna Huanca and Roy Minten



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