Puno MoCA at House of Oscar Coila Huanca, Puno 2007


I traveled to Puno in March of 2007 to look for a locatioin for Puno MoCA, I walked several neighborhoods and talking to people about the project, later I went to visit the town of Ilave, and hired the brother of a staff member of the hotel where I was staying. Mr. Oscar Coila Huanca drove me to the town of Ilave and on the way I also told him about the project and he said that he had a room that required some paint work and suggested it as the first venue for Puno MoCA.


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Over the next four days, the room was sanded and painted, I initiated the work myself and later hired the nephew of Mr. Coila Huanca to continue with the painting. I made some drawings that were displayed on the walls and stayed there for a week. When I went back to Puno in 2009 and visited the home of Mr. Coila Huanca, and took photos of the room after two years of usage. I was also told that the drawings had been taken by the brother in law of Mr. Coila Huanca to Arequipa the second largest city in Peru, where he lived.

In following years Mr. Coila Huanca and his family has continued to make improvements to the house, to turn it into what currently is one of the nicest houses of his neighborhood.



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