The Project for the Puno Museum of Contemporary Art is a project by Peruvian artist Cesar Cornejo that redefines the traditional conception of Museum, to transform it into an institution based in the community both administratively and resource wise.


Huanca Minten

It proposes to use rooms in low income houses in the town of Puno, in the mountains of Peru, which need construction work, offering their owners to carry out those works for free, with the condition that in exchange they would allow us to exhibit contemporary art in those repaired spaces for a period of time.


When we gather a number of rooms in different houses in different streets we would have a museum of contemporary art extended over different neighborhoods of the city. In this way the visitors of the museum while viewing the exhibition would get to know the city and interact with the neighbors.


The city itself becomes part of the exhibition and the museum becomes a social catalyst. The museum will be open to the public with a central administration office and a system of ticketing both managed by the community. The project so far has produced temporary exhibitions in houses in Puno and has been presented as installation in galleries, art fairs and residencies.

The project also proposes the development of small businesses and industries complementary to the museum activities that could help to generate economic prosperity in the neighborhoods where the houses are located. The model of the museum could be applied in places that gather similar conditions.



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